these three :: commerce, tx portrait photographer

Have you ever made a s'more? The goey marshmallow and hershey chocolate kind? Here in my part of the world, my people have a way we make our s'mores. We drive way out into the country to Grandmother's house the afternoon before Easter. We spend all day in shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, picking up branches and limbs that fall - benevolence - from the pecan orchard near the pond. We gather them together and light them up, let them burn to fiery coals. Then a marshmallow or two (or four) go onto a stick while smoke soaks our clothes. Chocolate and graham crackers while stars come out is how we do it. How we make our s'mores. Why do I tell you? 

Because of these three. 

These three + me and my sibs have quite a history together. Our 'us' consists of a special club, indians and ex-convicts, rolling down dirt mountains, easter egg hunts, annual caroling escapades, hair-raising campouts, making pancakes, crazy go-cart mud racing, getting on each others nerves, sucking mints, teasing about crushes, eating macaroni, watching oldies, screaming..ahem...singing, putting on plays, climbing rooftops, swing-dancing, pretending we're grownup, vicious texting wars, ice cream and hot dogs and s'mores. (yeah they're my 'people' I do s'mores with)

The day we made these photos was a hoot and a half. A 'best day ever.' Full of driving for hours, searching for a mystery sunflower field; never finding it. Getting lost in a sketchy town, winding up running off a rural road when I shrieked 'there's some pretty light!' Going bananas, freaking out over a from a policeman who was only trying to help. We have quite the times. :P In the end, this glory - some of my favorite photos I've ever made - happened. 

These three are Abby, Will, and Cat. My cousins, my practically siblings, my homies, my best friends. My chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallows. I love them more than the whole world four million times over. Besides s'mores of course.