Hello hello hello! 

I've been sitting on this one for a looonnngg time and am so excited to finally announce my new re-designed website! As a begining to many things, (the new year being one of them) I wanted to re-design the look of this place so it falls more in line with the heart behind my photography. Many thanks to Hannah Nicole for the lovely lovely logo design, she worked absolute magic! I also want to take this opportunity to say I will be BLOGGING again! Much much more, and much more often than before. I've had many astounding photographic opportunities over the last few months, and many more planned for the future, and am filled with gratefulness to be able to share these moments with you!

While blogging has never come easily for me - blank staring at empty screen, flatline and grey spaces - I am trying to do what is hard and spill out what comes from within. Being an insanely perfectionist perfectionist ;), I don't often put out the images + art I create, afraid that it won't measure up, that it isn't enough. But goodness, where will anyone get with that kind of ball and chain? I want to be brave with my art, and take big and unlikely chances. Push the limits, go to absurd measures, and never stop breaking through. SO in pursuit of a better and braver year.......

I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!! In celebration of creating new and chasing unknown, I give you: The Enthusiast's Winter Supply Kit (Over $70 in value!!) 



  • Jane Eyre (2011)
  • White mug
  • Ceramic trinket bowl
  • 2015 Planner
  • Moleskin notebooks (2)
  • Assorted Notecards
  • Starbucks Giftcard ($10)
  • Salted Almond Chocolate Bites 

These are things I believe a CRUCIAL for any artist (i.e. human) to survive during winter months which can become frozen and dry like earth - and in need of invigorating.

 1) I finally saw this adaption of Jane Eyre right before Christmas and LOVED it. Not only is it a beautiful story (based on the novel by Charolotte Bronte - one of my favorites), but the film is visually stunning to a photographer like myself. 2) Hot drinks are a must in winter. I'm a bit of a minimalist, so I enjoy the simplicity of simple white mug, but you can also go all Pinterest-y with a marker and an oven like this3) This adorable trinket bowl from Target is perfect for stashing small jewelry, candy, or bobbypins (those invisible ninja's) that never end up in the right place when you need them. ;) 4) This wonderfully spacious planner works perfectly for compartmentalizing these crazy lives of ours! (also from Target) 5) 2 Moleskins - I can never get enough of these. They speak of clean slates and big daydreams - and I'll never say no to those.  6) Starbucks for dayzzz - go grab a friend and a good 2 hours and open up about what is important. :) 7) Also a product of Starbucks, these chocolate bites are amazing and go well with black coffee/a strong blend. 


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When you’re all done, comment on THIS blog post and tell me you’re finished! I will pick a winner on January 20th!

Thanks so much for participating dear friends! I love hearing your hearts and you all mean so much to me!  


Congratulations Sarah Fuqua on winning!! 

Thanks so much everyone for being a part of this! 


Elizabeth Bristol