Tanner + Christina || Celina, TX Wedding Photographer

I love the way she bubbled putting on her dress, giggling through makeup, squeezing mom and dad before the ceremony. I love that he wore a bright blue beanie most of the day and how his voice trembled during the vows (quite a difference from the usual boisterous humor of the day). I love that both of them had such a diverse assortment of friends at their side, I love that he surprised her with fireworks over the lake at night to overflow such a perfect day. 

Tanner and Christina are two wonderful people whose love kept pouring over and filling every guest at their wedding with joy. Of course their day was nothing short of a reunion of family and friends who cheered and cried and watched and nodded as they became husband & wife.

I was blessed to be able to second shoot this wedding with Jessica Shae at The Venue at Waterstone in Celina, TX. Thank heaven for golf cart rides and lovely summer days like these.



Elizabeth Bristol