michelle :: mckinney, tx senior portrait photographer

Hello hello dear lovely world! I have someone you need to meet. This is Michelle. Michelle and I met several years ago through a competitive speech and debate organization we were both involved in. From our weekly club meetings and countless tournaments, to all the jokes, memories, (and exhaustion) we shared together, she never ceased to brighten and color each moment. Michelle's eyes are always laughter and her lips are a never ending mirth and wit. (I like to be around her so it'll rub off...I can be 'sarcastically challenged' ;) ) You can imagine my excitement when the time finally rolled around for this one's senior photos! 

Oh what a time we had! Me dancing all over the place (I may get a little over excited when beautiful stuff is happening), her graciously, laughingly going along with all of my crazy ideas and whims (sacrificing her clean pants for one :P). In the small amount of time we had together, Michelle certainly work some pretty wild magic while I clicked away. I had a hard time keeping focused (literally :) ) she was just so stinkin' GORGEOUS! The way she tilts her head or looks at the sky or something...it's a bit striking.

Michelle, you are such a stunner. Thank you for your friendship and deeply caring spirit. I am so grateful for your adoring, laughing, fire-eyed self, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the future! Congrats on graduating!


Elizabeth Bristol