lindsay + jordan // grapevine, tx engagement photographer

When she was eleven, her momma told her to 'go over and meet the new boy next door.' And so, Lindsay met Jordan.

These two darlings are some of the fullest and richest in life - not because of things they have but because of how they live - in love with every inch of what's around them: making memories, meeting new faces, taking risks, embracing laughter, being together. In August they celebrated the best thing - 5 years of being married. This is what I love about what I do - getting to meet brave lovers like these who will meet you first for the first time like an old friend and let you share their story because they love it so much. It really is magic.  

These are the neighbor boy and girl, high school sweethearts, college pair, forever soulmates - Lindsay & Jordan. Happy best friend anniversary, you two!


Elizabeth Bristol