donelle // celina, tx senior portrait photographer

This girl is a special soul. One of those that you can count on to be an anchor in a frenzy of people and opinions and drama. We met in junior-high through competitive speech and debate and our friendship slowly evolved from mouse-like interaction ('does she like me? i hope she likes me') to hiding under staircases and in hallways together and jabbing each others sides from behind and busting our sides laughing at inappropriate moments. Donelle is wild one. A stallion, an eagle, a roaring river. Yet she is gentle. Fierce protector and faithful friend. She'll tease and push your buttons, but she listens. Understands, when the world has dragged your heart through the dirt and you feel alone. She makes me laugh a lot a lot and she's one of the few I can say has always been there and always will be. Let's just say I adore her a lot.



Elizabeth Bristol