Isle O' Dreams, Pt. 1 || Isle of Man, UK Wedding Photographer

This is the story of one of the most dear and lovely weeks of my life. One of the most wonderful experiences, born out of Facebook messaging and friends-of-friends. My bestie Liz Rudman and I jumped the pond last June and visited the ever-lovely Isle of Man in the UK to photograph the wedding of our dear friends, Jon and Vicki. 8 glorious days of exploring, accustoming ourselves to island life, and getting to know the most wonderful people in the world made leaving it all behind so hard. It's an incredible thing, a scary thing, to fly across the world to capture one of the most important day's in the lives of people you've never met. Scary, but oh how it fills the depths of my soul. 

Jon is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He cares for every person he crosses paths with, and Liz and I were no exception. From the moment we stepped off the plane, Jon went out of his way to make sure us two crazy Americans had every opportunity at adventuring, even in the midst of a chaotic wedding-week. We stayed with England's finest couple Jen & Mark (Jon's sister and her husband) and their pup, Olive, in a sunlit room with a view of the sea, and I don't think I've ever been so stupidly giddy with delight.

Our first morning on the island was one of those roll over in beautiful sheets, stretch really big, blink-a-lot-and-make-sleepy-noises mornings because you've just never felt so well rested and so ridiculously happy to see the coast peeking at you from outside your window. We spent all day zipping along the coast, traipsing round Peel Castle from the Vikings of old, hiking through some beautiful glens and valleys, and leaping from waterfalls into the icy dew of river. Wet shorts sticking to skin, tripping over dog leashes, wind in our veins and stories over Indian food. And this, only the beginning of what was to come. 


Stay tuned for more adventures from this magical island, along with my absolute favorite wedding I've shot to date! 


Elizabeth Bristol