Brady + Quinn | Wakeena Falls, Portland Engagement Photographer

Brady and Quinn. Two wildly fierce and passionate souls apart - but put together and you get the most cunning duo of sarcasm and idealism, dramatic and steady, vision and path - with a mix of old hollywood, dancing in the kitchen & some good red wine. It's a strange and beautiful thing to watch two people fall in love - especially when they're related to you. In the fall of 2015 I got to watch my brother fall in love with Quinn - late at night over noodles and kombucha on the kitchen floor, carving pumpkins, drinking cold coffee, getting smoke in their hair. I saw it overtake him in the quiet spaces of our endless drive home after an evening at her family's house - with Rod Stewart's 'Forever Young' blaring and the black road stretching out before us. (You know a fellow's in love when he's an extrovert and sits in silence for over an hour) When his eyes looked past people instead of at them during conversation (a rarity for his usually vibrant & attentive nature) - i knew his thoughts were with that blonde beauty who was coming to reshape his heart, sing a new tune in his mind. When he proposed - inside a forest, through sobs and tears - and she said ' everyday'...I knew by the way they held each other - grateful, overcome - this was no ordinary love.

Their engagement session took place on a weekend trip in August to Portland, Oregon - we found the best tiny donuts at Pip's + dang good bubble tea at Tea Bar and trekked up Wakeena Falls for the my #1 favorite engagement shoot ever - I swear I've never been so in heaven with colors & light than in the PNW. Quinn wore an Anthro dress, Brady got to kiss her + play with her hair a lot, I totally ruined my (very impractical) shoes - and it was all simply wonderful.


Elizabeth Bristol