Hi. I'm Elizabeth Bristol.

Writer, artist, and image maker based in Dallas, TX. Running, collaging,  mediterranean food, people wathcing, cats, and dark chocolate are my speed. I dream of Paris by night, Iceland by day, and Cali in between. Long walks, ripping wind, mornings on the shore, Coco Chanel, a well-worn passport, Oscar Wilde, and a notebook to be filled - these pervade my head. I crave the places human hand has not touched. 

This world is made up of you. You and your small, imperfect, perfect, priceless magicThe things that bind you together. That make your story, yours. Your grandma's paintings, your baby's shoes, your sweetheart's kisses, your Monday mornings.  Your story, whatever it is - is the grandest of adventures, sweetest of tales, the magic of earth, unkept and unordely and perfect. And I want to be apart of it. 

Coldplay + Jose Gonzalez on repeat, coffee taken (always) black, crying in Disney movies, dabbling in fashion, and loving Jesus harder every day moves me. Less is always better in my book.