Hi. My name is Elizabeth Bristol. I'm a lover of Jesus Christ, a coffee drinker, a writer, a wanderer, a sweater wearer, a daughter, sister, friend, and companion. And I'm a firm believer in the honest + heartfelt + vulnerable. 

I love people. I love stories. I'm for telling the good, true, honest story - all of it. Good, bad, ugly, unexpected, and crazy. When we go on a shoot together, I'm not going to make you sit cross-legged, hand under your chin, and 'say cheese'. (though if that makes you giddy i'll give it a go!) I want to get to know you. And your story. I'm not a perfect photographer. I've been known to put the camera down and just listen, or talk (too much) more than I actually shoot you. (though i do a lot of that too :) )

But that's important to me. To know YOU. Who you really are. And photograph accordingly.  

I’m here to tell your story. ‘Cause it’s a really big deal.

Whether that be how your children play outside all day, how fast your tears fall and how hard you squeeze your sweetheart when he asks "will you ---- ?", how beautiful and precious your baby looks as she sleeps through the afternoon, how your heart beats oh-so-fast as you repeat "i do", "i will", "i love you". And I know it really won't matter - in the long run - how perfect or 'put together' you + your family & friends look, but how you remember them and the days you live together

I love: a good cup of coffee or chai, lots of music, genuine smiles, eyes that tell a story, wild thunderstorms, tight hugs, scribbles and startings of a story, dark chocolate, morning light, corner shops, freckles, the smell of earth, rhythm of waves on shore --crashing, running to reach the sun, chilly days, polaroids, good friends, and journaling my heart out.